Black Metal BBQ

Epul and I attended Der Schatten Studio’s “Annual Barbeque” last night, and not suprisingly, a lot of the conversation (at least the ones i joined) was centered around the black metal topic. A lot of metal heads jam at Der Schatten and some may or may not be black metal heads, but everyone shared basically the same concern for what the repercussions of Goatgate (what Rafil called the New Year’s Eve Raid on Paul’s Place) would be.

Most of us agreed that the hysteria surrounding the issue was the fault of just one or two publications (namely Harian Metro and Mastika) combined with people’s natural fear of the unknown, which has been capitalised to great effect by the tabloids.

It’s definitely going to be harder to organise gigs, especially since Paul’s Place was one of the major venues. Paul’s Place was one of the few places that didn’t ask for a fucking big deposit to stage a show or event, something which cash-strapped indie musicians appreciated.

I can’t help but think that if only the powers that be could make money off black metal, there wouldn’t be this bullshit. If you could open up a chain of black metal fast food restaurants, a black metal casino, a black metal bistro or mall, no one would be making any fucking noise. And probably the entrepreneurial ministry would be handing out permits and licenses by the bagful, but only to cronies eh?

Lets drop all the religious rhetoric for a while and try to understand what this all boils down to. Why do we tolerate beer and liqour factories and a gambling casino in the country? Because it brings money in to the country. Does it make it halal? No, it doesnt. But we still tolerate it. Our government issues licenses and permits for businesses that sell beer and hard liqour, to run gambling operations, businesses who only pay lip service to the fact that these products and services are illegal for muslims, and yet no action is taken. Why? Because it involves money (and probably people in high places and their offspring). So we tolerate sin because it brings in money. And make no mistake, alcohol and gambling are haram. No fatwas reversing that commandment yet.

My point is, there is a lot more that can be done to address the “moral decline of our youth” rather than scapegoating a certain segment of the populace (don’t get me started on MTV, heh) based on ridiculous stereotyping. So lets stop being hyprocites. So lets call it what it really is. A group of small minded people taking out their frustrations on a group of people they perceive to be inferior. You are afraid of us making our own (informed) choices.

Anyway, back to the barbeque. You can view Imran’s barbeque photos here and Dan’s photos here. The security guards told us to pack it in around midnight and we did so peacefully without any bloodshed or goat sacrifices.

  1. January 24th, 2006

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