Soundgarden Tribute Gig Update 1/2006


First off, my apologies for being late in updating. I’m sure you guys have probably thought that I’d forgotten. I haven’t, it’s just that real life has a habit of intruding.

Anyway, onto the good stuff.

The gig is on. I am looking at 3 possible venues, depending on who is the cheapest (heh). As you all may know, the recent “crackdown” on “fahaman black metal” has made gig organising a very hazardous job (what with the charges of piracy, illegal printing, illegal assembly et al, not to mention blood drinking and satan worshipping) but rest assured I will try my best to get the necessary permits. A gig at any establishment with a liqour/entertainment license would not need a separate permit for the gig. But to minimize any misunderstandings, lets avoid calling it a gig and lets just call it an

Anyway, the event is schedule tentatively for march/april. I am aiming for 8th April (Saturday) because soundgarden announced their breakup on the 9th of April 1997. I will keep you guys updated once I confirm the venue and date.

Now, onto more serious stuff.

I have several rules when i run gigs, number 1 “be on time“. I expect you to be on time. If you can keep time but can’t be on time, then don’t bother asking to play for one of my gigs. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of professionalism even though we are just playing music as a hobby. And if you intend to make it your career, then being professional would take you a long way in the industry.

If you cannot be on time, please do not continue reading this . I will elaborate the other rules and guidelines later on.

Most of you guys knew about this event through jamtank, the rest through mutual contacts. According to my posting on jamtank, I asked for your band name, contact person and number (1 person will do) and your proposed set list (30 minutes of soundgarden’s material plus 1 song from any soundgarden related band like hater, temple of the dog, cornell’s solo material, audioslave or 1 of your own songs which you think reflects soundgarden’s influence on your music whether it may be sound-wise, lyrics or song arrangement).

Since some of you did not send me the information I needed, once again I must ask for this, no exceptions.

If you are still interested in playing for the soundgarden tribute, please email me your band name, contact person and phone number and your proposed set list according to the specifications i set out above by Tuesday, January 31st (+8 GMT).

Please bear in mind that just because you chose to play a certain song, doesn’t mean you get to play it during the event. This is just my way of quality control and because I do not want too many duplications of songs during the event. Auditions will be needed, anytime we are mutually free during the month of February. For bands outside KL, we can arrange alternative means of audition. A recorded jam session maybe. That leaves the month of march to settle any last minute glitches before the gig proper.

Again, a reminder, please email me by Tuesday, January 31st 2006 with your band name, contact person + number along with your proposed set list.

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