Independent Music Community Meeting @ Paul’s Place, Sat 21 Jan 2006

From Rafil

Greetings and salutations,

This Saturday 21 Jan 2006 3pm, Paul’s Place.

We invite all members of the Independent Music Community for the

  • Brief overview of what the hell’s been going on the past few weeks and a description of the proposed Society of Independant and Amateur Musicians (SIAM). We are in the process of setting up this society with the Registrar of Societies. It typically takes 4-9 months to register a society but we want to have the framework, i.e., committee in place before we register.
  • Nominations for the following posts:
  • President
    Vice President
    Assistant Secretary
    Committees (as listed out below)

    Legal Advisory, Public Relations/Promotions, Information Technology/Communications (web design, database management etc) and Community Representation (this person will liaise with the various community reps, i.e. Punk, Metal, Chinese Independent, General. Any other suggestions will be welcome but let’s not go overboard with genre classifications.)

    NOTE 1: The above structure may change slightly on Saturday as we’re still working out some kinks. If you have any nominees for these positions, please bring them along.

    Wrt the President and Vice President’s positions, please consider inviting people with the following backgrounds:

    – Extensive experience with some facet of the music industry/community, artist, label owner, journalist etc.
    – Good presentation skills, English, Bahasa Melayu.
    – Good management and organizational skills

    NOTE 2: For Legal Advisory, bring in the lawyers and put them up for nomination. We need our own shysters.

    NOTE 3: Did we mention that the compensation package and benefits for all the position above were….nothing. You only get the satisfaction of driving this community to achieve it’s vision of excellence and world domination.

  • We are in the process of drafting a petition to be sent to the authorities describing our dissatisfaction with the Goatgate events and harassment of independent musicians, particularly our youth. We hope you will be present to sign that petition.

Please note that this meeting shall be held in Paul’s Place, a Private Venue. Hence, no permits are required. i.e., it’s safe. i.e., you have the same probability of being dicked around with chillin’ at Mc Donalds.

However, please:

  • Don’t congegrate (lepak) in large groups outside the venue, i.e., at the kaki lima. Go to the mamak stalls/restaurants if you need to chill and chat.
  • Bring Don’t bring any goats. Unless they’re in a tasty curry.

Email me if you have any questions.

Please note the invitation to the meeting at Paul’s on 21 Jan 2005 and SIAM (or whatever it ends up being called) membership is for Musicians and Non Musicians (music fans, groupies) alike.

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