Joe Kidd sells out! Again!

After selling out once on the cover of Men’s Review sometime in the mid 90’s, Joe Kidd is selling out, again! All in jest, eh Joe?


I just got back from the “SIAM” meeting with Rafil and the rest. Not the expected turnout, considering that the Goatgate press conference had at least 150 people in attendance. Markiza (Soft Touch), Iskandar (First Stance Recordings), Irene, Rina (8tv), Joe Kidd, David (Ketua Black Metal Se-Malaysia – KETAM), Paul (of course he would be there) and a few other notable people were present.

Meeting started late, kicked off around 415pm, partly because we were hoping more people would show up. Rafil started off with a brief overview of the Goatgate events and listed down the people charged and with what offences. Suprisingly, more than four people were charged, 6 at the last count, with various offences namely under the Entertainment Act and Printing Presses Act, but we could not confirm who had been charged with drug offences, as reported by the mainstream media. Various newspapers report that 8 people had been found positive for drug usage (marijuana) but we haven’t heard of any of our friends being charged with the offence. Certainly none of the offenders present (3, including David) were charged with drug use. Rafil also briefly explained the structure for the proposed society, and the roles of the various office-holders, details of which would be ironed out in the next few weeks.

Iskandar took the floor to explain the memorandum and petition and their plan of action (I will post the petition here as soon as I get a soft copy of it, or you can get a copy of the petition by emailing Irene or Iskandar). Markiza also added how Paul’s Place was so much safer than other more established clubs for serious young budding musicians to perform (very important to her considering she has a son who plays the drums) in the sense that Paul’s does not serve hard liqour and only allows smoking in a designated area.

The elections (boring) for the pro-tem committee followed, followed by the vote counting (even more boring). After a while it became apparent who would get what position. Personally I felt that Kamil Othman should’ve been voted as President, but I don’t know how he would’ve taken it. Anyway, the end results? Joe Kidd sold out! Hehe. Welcome the new President, with Kamil Othman as VP, Irene as secretary, Rina in PR, Iskandar in Community relations and so on.

This is a sad day.

Joe Kiddunderground scene icon/institution

Joe Kidd made a very interesting comment in his inaugural speech, about how all this while he had been active in the scene as a free spirit and how this was a sad day because the scenesters would have to resort to forming a society to be able to continue their relatively harmless activities. In a conversation with Joe at the mamak earlier, Joe had expressed reservations about the formation of a society for the underground and actually campaigned for Kamil Othman as president even though he himself had been nominated.

I had to piss off early because I was skipping work, but the meeting was winding down anyway. Said my goodbyes to Rafil and the rest. Watch this space for more developments.

Jamtank has a complete listing of office holders and a draft of the petition. I have refrained from reposting it here because it is still not final.

  1. February 5th, 2006

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