Fatwa on Black Metal

From Rafil

As expected authorities have played the religious card. The Majlis Fatwa (Religious Council) is in the process of gazetting a Fatwa (religious edict) defining “Black Metal” to be Haram (forbidden). The entire report was rather vague, particularly in the definition of Black Metal as a religious teaching, and contained gems like:

The Black Metal movement was started in the US by a band called Metallica, who used the imagery of crosses to spread their evil message.

Lars: Please sue their collective asses.

TV3 had contacted me this morning for an interview. They wanted someone from the community to comment on this. I forwarded them to En Mazlil (Madec) Rizal of local grindcore band Negation, since he was more tuned in with the community and would be able to provide a clearer response to this edict.

The interview will be on TV3’s Bulletin Utama at 8pm tonight, Tuesday 24 Jan 2006.

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