Call me Samy

If by some miracle you had woken up early enough last Sunday (12th Feb), you would’ve caught Samy Vellu spouting off on TV3’s morning news about how irresponsible it is for people to lodge complaints with the media. He got so mad he even dared anyone with a complaint regarding the Works Ministry to give him a call on his cellphone. The number is 019.216.5555 (if I’m not mistaken).


But, if they complain to a television station and want me to answer, it will not happen…

Samy Vellu – Works Minister

So let me get this straight. You guys, The Authorities, can use the Media to further your Agenda, but we, The People, can’t?

My impressions from the interview was that Datuk Samy Vellu was quite pissed at these irresponsible complaint lodgers, saying that he would be happy to take phone calls up to 1am. I applaud his sincerity, but the interview could’ve been handled with more tact. After all, the good Datuk is a public figure, he should be used to all the attention considering all his years in politics. A little less arrogance would have been nice.

More from Bernama and TV3. Also read these (somewhat) related articles, Local cum ex-foreigner media journos: Identify yourself… and Wither Malaysian journalism? on Screenshots and aisehman‘s Free for All.

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