The interior of an AT-AT

If you do not know or care what AT-AT stands for, read this post no further. But if you’re a Star Wars fan like me.. read on.

The guys at have posted pictures of a diorama, built by Markus Gerlach, depicting what the interior of a AT-AT might look like.

AT-ATs (All Terrain Armored Transport) made their appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, the second movie in the original Star Wars trilogy. No shots of the AT-AT’s interior were ever shown in the film, except of the cockpit interior as the AT-AT commander attacks the Rebel base.

The AT-ATs helped destroy the shield generators protecting the Rebel Alliance‘s base on the ice planet Hoth as the Rebels made their escape. Incidentally, the Battle of Hoth was the only on screen battle that The Empire won.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Nice eh? More pics here.

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