The Dick in Dick Cheney

Have you heard? Well, I heard late anyway. Richard B. Cheney (Dick to us all), Mr. Vice-President of the United States of America, has shot someone. No, it wasn’t Mr. George Bush Jr. The accident occured last Saturday on a ranch in Texas.

Harry Whittington, 78, was left with pellets in his body after the shooting, leading to a minor heart attack, doctors said.

Mr Whittington, a lawyer, was hit in the cheek, neck and chest.

Despite the heart problem, doctors said Mr Whittington was now on the road to recovery.

So it probably was an accident. Or was it? Where there other factors involved? The incident was only reported by Katharine Armstrong, Dick Cheney’s host, the next day.

He defended his decision not to report the matter immediately to the public – instead leaving it to the ranch owner to tell a local paper the next day – saying he still thought it had been “the right call”.

Weird huh? Weirder still is the fact that MSNBC might have covered up the fact that alcohol might have been a factor in the incident. Then again, maybe not so strange considering who owns MSNBC. However, MSNBC cover up or not, the alcohol connection can be Googled.

Personally I couldn’t care less about Dick Cheney, I’m not an American citizen, but it is worrying that the Number 2 Man of the world’s sole remaining superpower, chooses to let ambiguity cloud the events surrounding the incident. Accidents do happen, but this could’ve been handled with more transparency. I guess Dick was just taking a cue from his boss.

More news and pertinent questions (than you can shake a dick at) surrounding the incident on Political Cortex and on The Huffington Post blog.

Update: Fox tries to cover up the story? And (snide) commentary from Hughes for America here and here.

{wt} – we wish mr. harry whittington a speedy recovery.

  1. Our VICE PRES is from Wyoming and has not done much of this so he should be put on probation and required to do community service (shoot more lawyers}.

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