WPFD Gig Update: 30th May 2006

Update: 30th May 2006

I would think the flyer says it all. If you’re one of bands playing, read on. But if you’re not, go ahead anyway. For the moment, this is our game plan. Deviate at your own risk.

What follows is important stuff, basically how I run gigs in general.

  • Be on time. Or better still, be early.

  • Everyone gets 30 minutes of performance time on stage, except for openers (the first 2 bands on each day), who get 20 minutes. Do not exceed your allotted time. Plan your setlist accordingly. If you want to cut your time short, fine by me. Not too short though.

  • 5 minutes to set up, excluding performance time. We will have stage hands to assist you. If you have any special requests, please inform us beforehand and we will try our best to accommodate you. Requests for livestock for ritual sacrifice on stage will be flatly refused, however. Extra amp? Maybe, if you’re nice to me.

  • Soundcheck for bands playing on Saturday will be on the day (3rd June) itself from 9am til 11.30am. Bands playing on Sunday have a choice of soundchecking on Saturday (after 6pm) or on Sunday (4th June), 9am-11.30am. If you can’t/won’t soundcheck, that’s fine. Just let me know, so I don’t wait for you and don’t fuck me over if you have bad sound. I do not have the tech rider (equipment specifications) yet, but once I do, I’ll let you know.

  • Please. Try. To. Be. Sober. On. Stage. Save the celebratory drink/joint/snort for after your kick-ass set.

  • Central Market’s management has requested that bands exercise restraint on stage so that we do not incite any riots in the audience. Please take note that a large part of the pedestrian crowd (this event is outdoors) around Central Market on weekends would be expatriates. And not your blue-eyed-blond types. If the crowd starts acting unruly, please calm (rulify?) the crowd down. CM’s management has informed me that they will enlist RELA volunteers to help with crowd control but we would like to avoid any incidents that would lead to bodily injuries/arrests/incarceration.

  • Have fun!

Time slots are as follows. Bands perform in the order listed on the e-flyer.
1200-1220, 1225-1245, 1250-1320, 1325-1355, 1400-1430, 1435-1505, 1510-1540, 1545-1615, 1620-1650, 1655-1725, 1730-1800.

If you’d like to get touchy-feely with your stage-mates before the event itself, click the band names below to browse their sites:

Project Ei8ht
Peter Brown
Carburetor Dung
Fathullistiwa Soundscapes
Revenge – No site
Applecreed – No site
Broken Scar
Ben’s Bitches
360° Head Rotation
Two Foot Candle

Thanks to Rafil & Joe for sniffing out the bands’ web links.

Last but not least, I’d like to apologize for all the bands who got in touch with me and didn’t get a slot. There were many reasons, mostly due to my inefficiency, but also because:

  • too many bands applied. I had to say no to most.
  • some bands not appropriate for an outdoor venue as public as Central Market, especially being so soon after Goatgate.
  • of scheduling conflicts.

Once again, my apologies. Please come down for the event anyway and help make it a success. It might become a yearly event and you might have a chance to play next year.

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