WPFD Gig Update: 31st May 2006

Update: 31st May 2006

Good news! The police permit should be ready tomorrow. Also some minor changes have been made to the play list.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, Fathullistiwa Soundscapes will be playing the 12.50-1.20pm slot. Project Ei8ht will play the 4.55-5.25pm time slot to allow Carburetor Dung to remain headliners (as befitting a band of their stature).

On Sunday, due to recording committments, Broken Scar will play the 12.50-1.20pm time slot, swapping with Revenge. Everything else remains unchanged.

The revised play list follows.


  • Grape – 12.00-12.20pm
  • Asna – 12.25-12.45pm
  • Fathullistiwa Soundscapes – 12.50-1.20pm
  • Peter Brown – 1.25-1.55pm
  • Nao – 2.00-2.30pm
  • Skyjuicecoffee – 2.35-3.05pm
  • Lurks – 3.10-3.40pm
  • Farasu – 3.45-4.15pm
  • Mushbuttons – 4.20-4.50pm
  • Project Ei8ht – 4.55-5.25pm
  • Carburetor Dung – 5.30-6.00pm


  • Superbar – 12.00-12.20pm
  • Flow – 12.25-12.45pm
  • Broken Scar – 12.50-1.20pm
  • Applecreed – 1.25-1.55pm
  • Y2K – 2.00-2.30pm
  • Revenge – 2.35-3.05pm
  • Stonebay – 3.10-3.40pm
  • Ben’s Bitches – 3.45-4.15pm
  • 360° Head Rotation – 4.20-4.50pm
  • Two Foot Candle – 4.55-5.25pm
  • Negation – 5.30-6.00pm

Last but not least, some bands have raised concerns about having their set cut short due to time constraints. I’d like to state how anal retentive I am about timing (just ask 360° Head Rotation hehe), so yes, I will cut short your slot if you exceed your allotted time. Barring events beyond our control (rain, snow, terrorist attacks), everyone should have their full 30 minutes on the stage.

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