WPFD @ CM: Day 2 – Post mortem

Update: 12th June 2006

two foot candle

Image courtesy of cubicles-

Post Mortem

Got to CM at 8.15am. The sound guys weren’t around, but the lorry with the equipment was waiting in the parking lot.

Wan and the other sound guys arrived around 9 and proceeded to set up. Set up didn’t take as long as yesterday and by 1030 we were ready to soundcheck.

Superbar, Flow, 2 Foot Candle, Broken Scar, Revenge and 360° Head Rotation arrived in time for the soundcheck session. Y2K had soundchecked the day before. Thanks.


Image courtesy of cubicles-

Superbar kicked off the show at 12.10pm. Applecreed had pulled out earlier (Friday) so I thought I could get the bands to stretch their sets to take up the slack but when Stonebay pulled out (due to unavoidable events), I had to close the stage around 3pm. Ben’s Bitches managed to soundcheck during the break.

The gig ended at 6.10pm.

Foul ups & Blunders

We had a few more hiccups on day 2 compared to day 1, mostly with the Marshall amp losing power during 360°’s set. We had to use the Peavey which didnt sound so well during 2 Foot Candle’s set, which came off sounding muddy. My apologies to Jack and Aki.

Ben had trouble with the amps as well. Monitors didnt help much. Sorry Ben.

The crowd (some of them drunk) really filled the front of the stage during Negation’s set and we had to deploy security (me) to the front of the stage again, but this time I had help from the SB officer.

My Gig Review

Superbar. Very polished but came across as a little aloof. Radio friendly rock.


Image courtesy of cubicles-

Flow was next and really attracted the crowd with their blend of reggae-rock. Very tight. Very 311/sublime. Even had a violionist on stage for the last song which was an instrumental. Good stuff.


Image courtesy of cubicles-

Revenge came on next and it was like I was back in the 80’s. Very confident vocalist. Very very confident. They played quite a chaotic set and survived mostly on their rock kapak vibe which was much appreciated by the crowd and the SB in attendance.

Revenge and Flow both extended their sets to take up the slack when Applecreed pulled out and also to buy time for Y2K to get to the venue. Thanks to Saiful for getting there early and to Revenge and Flow for extending their sets.

The gig is called ‘Free Voices’ because we’re playing for free…

Khai, Y2K.

Y2K played a good set with mostly lame jokes (which were good at taking up the time). The masked trio went over well with the crowd.

Broken Scar went on next. Good set. Endless merchandising from Kevin, but it’s all good. All tactics for buying time.

All this time buying yet I couldn’t take up the slack so i had to close the stage at 3pm when Stonebay couldn’t make it.

Ben’s Bitches had a quick soundcheck before kicking off their set at 345pm. Ben gave me a hard time about the sound but the worse was to come. A good set from Ben’s Bitches. The crowd was singing along with Ben on some songs (very easy when your chorus is “Aku suka jolok! Jolok! Jolok! Jolok!“). The phone call on his cell was unforgettable. Provided some unexpected comic relief on a hot day, but then again, Ben is kind of unforgettable. The commie cap was a nice touch.

360° Head Rotation came up next. A lot of my friends really enjoyed their set. “Lirik pandai” was one of their comments. “Guitarist terror gila babi” was another. Thanks to Rafil for providing me with my first physical contact with a Gibson Les Paul. The Marshall amp acted up during their set and marred an otherwise great set.

Midway thru, Rafil presented the Kambing Hitam Award (a mangkuk) to several Harian Metro Reporters and the Kambing Hairan Award to Akmal Abdullah, for exemplary work in the field of journalism. No one was on hand to accept the awards, so Sonia graciously accepted on behalf.

2 foot candle

Image courtesy of cubicles-

2 Foot Candle, one of my favorite local bands, play swedish death metal. They played short set of 4 (long) songs, 3 from their self-titled EP and one new song. They played sans their keyboardist. It was a good set though Aki’s sound was a little muddy (my fault) and he messed up the solo for Unseen Enemy Within Sight.

Negation. Grindcore? yes.. but not quite. Dirtier than grind. The crowd really filled up the stage front and people started body surfing. Madec handled himself very well on stage. I couldn’t really watch them because I was watching the crowd. Got a bit hairy for a while but nothing bad happened.

The weather cooperated and it didn’t rain.

Thanks to all the bands who performed for free and were on time and didn’t make my job harder than it had to be. I can’t say it was all fun, but it was all good.

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  1. -_-” i was wondering when stonebay would come onstage because i saw the singer wandering around near the stage

  2. yo dude.. ive uploaded the pics..

    • kambing di sebalik batu
    • June 12th, 2006

    Nice pix

  3. i love the photos you took! looks like you’ve got some skills :)

    we’re pushing to get out CD out as soon as possible…

  4. Thanks to cubicles for the images. His photoshop skills came in handy too, but the image composition was all his. Shoot enough pictures and one of them is bound to come out well.


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