Tribute to Metalindustries: Unleash

rise of dajal flyer


The gig was shut down in the middle of XS Denied’s set, by the venue owner, due to a misunderstanding(?) over payment. A few Malaysian bands manage to play. The original plan of alternating Singaporean and Malaysian bands did not happen because the Singaporean bands came late. The organiser (Roslan) was not present for the gig.

I’m not here to pass judgement (and I’m just stating my opinion, not speaking for any band), but I think not being around for a gig you organised is not fucking professional. The bands from Malaysia were not compensated for travel expenses incurred, but a verbal promise was made to reimburse the bands, within 3 months.

As far as I know, no promises of payments for performing were ever made, but I’m sure the Malaysian bands were willing to travel on their own expense just for the chance to perform in Singapore. I don’t know about you, but I’d feel shitty if I didn’t get to perform after travelling down on my own dime; and having the organiser behaving as if it wasn’t his fault would get me downright homicidal.

If any Malaysian bands get any more invites from Spynx Productions to perform in Singapore, get them to draft a fucking contract. Better still, get them to pay for you transport costs upfront before you say yes.

This is the tribute to metalindustries?

Good luck to all the bands (especially the Malaysian bands) performing in Singapore tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to meet Aki and the rest of 2 Foot Candle this morning, so good luck. Kick some Sing Ass.

Formerly known as “The Rise Of Dajal”
Date: 18th June (Sunday)

From Singapore Legions:
BEAST PETRIFY – Thrash Metal
SUICIDAL – Black Metal
ARBITRARY ELEMENT – Brutal Death Metal
ETHEREAL – Death Metal
OSHIEGO – Death Thrash
PREDATORY – Death Metal

From Malaysia Legions:
XS DENIED – Melodic Black Metal
WHISPERING AMOK – Melodic Black Metal
APHELION – Melodic Black Metal
2 FOOT CANDLE – Progressive/Technical Melodic Death Metal
+ 2 guest bands opening!

Venue: Planet Paradigm (Singapore)
Singapore Shopping Centre
Level 6
(5 minute walk from Dhobby Ghaut MRT)
Time: 2pm-10pm
All tix: $12 (At The Door)

More information on

    • kambing di sebalik batu
    • June 16th, 2006

    Istidraj – Blasphemous Black Metal.

    Isn’t that stating the obvious?

  1. maybe more blasphemous than usual? heh.

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