Ok, Give Up Your Goats Or We Are Coming In

Update! 6:00pm

Walski has updates on the press conference here.

Update! 7:35am

The press conference is at 1pm. Please drop by to show your support. Leave your goats at home.

This is Harian Metro’s take on the incident (loathe as I am to post this link I’ve removed the direct link to Harian Metro, no more traffic for you). The Star has a less sensationalised article here. This fucking reeks of a conspiracy. I have been made to understand that there will be a press conference tomorrow at Paul’s Place at 1pm. I will update as soon as I have more information. Please remember that the following incident occurred outside, in the car park, not inside any premises.

From Paul Millott (Owner)
Solar Power Training Centre

I was walking towards the restaurant next to Rajoo Flour Mill. Just as I saw Paul at the restaurant and went over to join him, I heard gunfire. The first two or three shots were from the opposite side of the car park, but at first I could not see the gunman.

Suddenly a crazed gunman in jeans and black T shirt appeared, running towards Paul and fired shots into the air. He did not identify himself or give any reason why he was firing his gun. He then pointed the gun at Paul and shouted “You get over there”, indicating with the gun the direction he wanted him to go. He had just fired two shots about ten feet from the people seated in the restaurant. They promptly ran, terrified, knocking over tables and chairs. People in the car park also ran but the gunman turned around and ordered them to come back. At this point Paul ran back to the entrance to his cafe, which was empty but one half of the two shutters was still half open. I saw two or three people rushing out of the cafe and the glass door was shattered in the panic. This was plate glass and will cost something like RM2,000 to replace. The staff had been cleaning up when the shots were fired in the car park and had fled.

Paul pulled down the shutter but by then the gunman was behind him and at once lifted the shutter back up again. I walked over to see what was going on. Paul told the gunman he could not go in because the premises were closed. He then informed Paul he was a police officer. Paul asked him for his ID and he pulled out his wallet and flashed it in the air very fast. I could not see any ID. Paul obviously didn’t see it either. Paul asked again to see the ID but the gunman told him that was all he would be allowed to see. Paul stood his ground in the doorway and told the gunman he could not enter. The gunman banged his body up against Paul and shouted “Are you pushing me?”. Paul said “I am not pushing you”. The gunman then tried again to knock Paul out of the way. He told Paul that this was Malaysia and the police could do what they liked. Paul asked whether he had a warrant and he replied he did not need one. Then he and another officer in plain clothes forced Paul’s hands behind his back and handcuffed him. They gave no reason why they wanted to go into the cafe, or why they put the handcuffs on Paul.

The gunman, who had pointed a loaded gun at my head a few minutes earlier and his friend, then handcuffed me without giving any reason, as I stood in the doorway to the cafe. Then a man from DBKL appeared and asked for the license. As he did so the police pushed past me and against my will and by force entered my premises,. At this time the premises were empty and closed to the public. No one was inside, except the officers who had forced their way in, and me in handcuffs. The DBKL officer came in and checked the business license and then asked whether I had an entertainment license for the place. I told him that his officers had informed me I did not need an overall entertainment license for a training workshop and had returned my application. I also told himm that I had applied for a permit to hold the private function on that day, which was the entertainment license. He denied that I had applied for this licence but I saw the application in his file and pointed it out to him. He told me it was applied for six weeks ago but their officers had been round many many times to the premises but always found it closed, so they had not been able to inspect it, and therefore to issue a license. He told me that I must have an Entertainment License to allow the Public to use the premises. I reminded him that the place was a workshop training centre and not open to the public. It is only used only for private bookings. I pointed out to him that he had confirmed the place was not open to the public, on their many visits to the premises, as they had found it closed to the public, on each and every visit. The DBKL man told me I must go to his office on Monday. After that I asked the police to remove the handcuffs. They did so, and allowed me to go. By this time I was fully convinced the “crazed gunman” was in fact a police officer, so I apologised politely to him to for not allowing him to enter the premises. I then went home.

Paul Millott, 21.8.06
I have just got back from DBKL.(21.8.06). The officer told me that the police had interviewed him and told him I had made a police report against him. I told him I only made the report about the police officer firing a gun. The DBKL officer claimed he had arrived as the police were forcing their way in and did not hear any gunshots. He told the police I would not let him in, but in fact he was standing behind the police officer and so was physically unable to enter the premises. I did not want any of them to enter because I know, from the experience of the party held on new Years Eve last year, that they would seize all the equipment brought in by the guests. The equipment seized on New Year’s Eve has still not been returned in spite of a Court order issued on 31.7.06 stipulating that it should all be returned to the rightful owners by early September. The police claim that they have still not received the order from the magistrates’ court.

Additional Information:
One of the people in the square had a video camera. He got a clear picture of the police officer walking across the car park with his gun in his hand. There were no threats or disturbance visible. Also on the video is a clear picture of the police officer pointing his pistol at some people sitting in their car waiting to drive home and making them get out so he could arrest them. They did nothing to warrant arrest or to threaten the officer. The police officers are from Brickfields Police Station. 24 youths are still in the lock up for being found walking across the car park. They will not be let out until next week. Newspapers are claiming the police opened fire because members of the public had weapons. This is not substantiated and I had no weapons when the Police pointed a gun at me.

Some questions. Why did the cops go for Paul even though he obviously was not with the youths fighting? Why did the DBKL officer deny getting the permit application? And why the fuck was he stupid enough to bring it along? Like I said, this is smelling like a fucking conspiracy. In recent weeks, a friend raised the concern that the police would take revenge on Paul for creating such a ruckus and not taking the beatdown (Goatgate) like everyone else who has taken a beatdown, quietly. I didn’t think it would be a possibility, but now, I don’t know.

“Difahamkan motif kejadian disebabkan mereka tidak dapat mengambil bahagian dalam satu pertandingan muzik yang dianjurkan sebuah studio yang pernah digunakan kumpulan Black Metal mengadakan ‘gig’ dan berjaya diberkas polis awal tahun ini.”

Asisten Komisioner Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim | Harian Metro 22 Aug 2006

Is Zainal Zawawi Mohamed quoting Mohd Dzuraidi correctly? Didn’t Dzuraidi make a public statement a few days after Goatgate saying that it was not a raid for Black Metal, but a raid for drugs? Or goats? Or [–insert random/made-up reason here–]? And didn’t the police prosecuting officer get reprimanded for prosecuting a DBKL licensing offence, which is what they finally charged David for? This fucking stinks!

“Kami bukan serbu kedai itu kerana mereka berhibur dengan muzik Black Metal tetapi penganjur hiburan terbabit tidak mendapat permit yang sah.”

Asisten Komisioner Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim | Harian Metro 5 Jan 2006

Tuan Dzuraidi, have you no shame? Lying to erect your wet string? Heh. “Menegak benang yang basah” eh? Why are you so eager to sell your self respect for someone else’s agenda? If my 3 year old nephew was caught lying, he would be appropriately punish. Please, for God’s sakes stop the lies. I am tired of this bullshit. I just want to play music and hang out in a safe enviroment that Paul’s Place generally provide to play the music of my choosing.

One a related note, Walski raises some interesting questions on how we are supposed to get our creative people overseas to come back to Malaysia, when we hardly encourage the creativity we have at home, and instead stifle it. Rina has quite a long rant on her blog.

  1. well at least WE have video about the gunmen, so bring this to court and shall we win?

    • spina
    • August 25th, 2006

    just show the video to the public.. tired of malaysian lousy corrupted police force, do wut they want and the media covers them.. sheesh

    • faisal elkjaer
    • August 25th, 2006

    nah… if you give the video of the gunman over, you will be bashed, video grabbed by the police, and the next day Harian Metro will read : video penyembahan Setan Black metal berjaya dirampas oleh pihak polis. To say this reeks of conspiracy is an understatement … this is downright abuse of rights and power, all because of.. PRIDE? Bee yatch.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with our police force?. Have they gone stupid?. I agree like the rest of them by saying we SHOULD bring the video to the court and we shall win!. Then we could bring down the fucking police force and the fucking DBKL down with all their bullshits as well.

  3. give ’em a low blow, I say. Spread the video the way local porno are disseminated – via bluetooth!

    not all malaysians are meek, subservient sheep who wills to be led to the abbatoir……….if we can giggle and allow the proliferation of vids like the infamous ‘squat’ clip, at the expense of the girl’s modesty,…….then we can jolly well spread this at an epidemic level. and be the virus that’ll eventually lead to a change in disposition, mentality, attitude……of powers that be who are incessantly insecure about their positions and ranks.

    people fear what they dont understand. the repeat of new year’s raid bears proof that the brickfields bobbies are scared, reaallly scared of the rock revolution.

    to whoever who has the vid in possession, kindly press the ‘send’ button and be the cog for the wheel of change.

  4. enough with the moaning, people. lets organize a gig in defiance of this flagrant wielding of the power cudgel. and obediently stand in line – replete with black tees, spiked-to-the-sky tresses, piercings, kohl-lined eyes, pultrichidal goth make up and associated metal peripherals depending dangerously from our bodies. – and allow them to throw us in jail.

    start a revolution. a peaceful one. as grandiose as this may seem, remember that gandhi did it. so did dr martin luther king

    • dbklsuks
    • March 11th, 2008
  1. September 3rd, 2006

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