8 Payments to Freedom

Update! 28th Aug 2006

This falls under the “Why am I not suprised but still pisses me off anyway” category. The Sarjan was kind enough to call me yesterday and inform me that he had not received the documents. Well done PDRM! You guys are on track for ISO9002 or whatever fuck certification it is that you guys are aiming for.

Original Post
I am here to report the end of an era. My beloved WMT 4791 has been stolen. Yes, stolen. And yes, this is a bitching session.

WMT 4791 is (or was) a black Honda EX5 motorbike. Disappeared from the sidewalk, parked in front of an unused shoplot, 3 shoplots away from the Maulana Restaurant along Jalan Aminuddin Baki in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, during the hours of 6am and 5pm on Monday, August 7th. 8 more payments to make and my bike gets stolen. Motherfucker.

I don’t really mind losing the bike.


What I do mind is having to deal with the bureaucracy involved with the reporting the theft of a vehicle. I made the report at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Police Station at around 11pm after I realized the bike was missing. They were very polite when they took my report. They issued me 2 copies, which I paid $2 for, and they directed me to go to the Brickfield’s IPD that very night to get my motorbike blacklisted. Apparently, they aren’t online in this age of the K-Economy, at least not in terms of getting motorbikes blacklisted.

I got to Brickfield’s around 1am, something which I was questioned about.

“Encik buat laporan pukul 11.30, sekarang pukul 1.20 pagi.. Kenapa lambat sangat?”
“Er..I don’t have any means of transportation?”.

Duh. I’m reporting a missing bike. Hello. The AIO attending me, Sarjan Kamaruddin, spent a good 40 minutes rewriting (and expanding upon) my neatly typed and laser printed police report from Taman Tun. He told me to go back and to submit the insurance cover note the next day before he got off at 8am. I did come back the next day, but not within the stipulated time, because I couldn’t get a ride to Brickfields that early in the day. Damn my vehicle equipped friends for having work commitments.

I dropped offthe insurance cover note (along with a copy of the vehicle grant and payment receipt) with his colleague, clearly marked for Sarjan Kamaruddin’s attention. Sarjan Kamaruddin kindly called me 10 days later to inform me that he had not received said documents and could I please get new copies for him as soon as possible. Hooray!! I just live to please this officer and many other officers like him. My brother (whom the bike is registered to) finally got the documents on the following Saturday and we made our way to that bastion of efficiency, the Brickfield’s Police Station.

I didn’t manage to see Sarjan Kamaruddin because apparently he was on leave for God knows how long, according to the officers at Brickfields Police Station Customer Service Center. I said it was fine, but could someone make sure that Sarjan Kamaruddin gets these documents. Apparently, I’m the only one who has ever come in and not found whom I was supposed to see; the officers were quite confused as to how to best ensure that Sarjan Kamaruddin gets the documents. Their first option was for me to come back at a later date.

Oh yeah, that was my first thought too. I finally got one officer to hold the documents for Sarjan Kamaruddin’s return. I await with bated breath, for the next fuck up.

  1. yey! lets wait and see for the next fuck up!

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