Jack Nathan Is Dead

I just received a text message from Rafil of 360º Head Rotation (who is currently in the UK and trying to get home) that his guitarist, Jack Nathan, passed away last night in an accident. My condolences to Jack’s family. The funeral is tomorrow, Sept 25th, at the Kg. Tunku Crematorium, 4pm. More information as I get it.

jack in action

image courtesy of MyAsylum

Jack Nathan, lead guitarist for 360 Degree Head Rotation and a close friend of over 15 years, was killed last night in a hit and run accident. Jack would have been 41 years old on 6 Oct 2006.

Funeral is tomorrow, Monday 25 October 2006 at Kampung Tunku Crematorium. I assume there’ll be services today and tomorrow at his sister’s house: No 6 Jalan SS3/32 – Kelana Jaya

Rafil’s post on Jamtank

It should read as September, not October.

I spoke to Deepak, Jack’s close friend. Apparently Jack’s car broke down as he was heading back home from somewhere and he called his housemate to help. The line was bad, all I could understand was that Jack ended up cycling back home and that’s when he got hit. The line cut off at that point and I haven’t been able to reach Deepak since, probably busy at the wake.

Update: Sept 26th
Jack Nathan was cremated yesterday at the Kg. Tunku Crematorium, along with his custom “Jack” Signature Series Frankenstein Strat, around 4.30pm. Around 100 people showed up to show their last respects, including many people involved in the independent music scene. Jack was run over in a hit and run around 1.30am on September 24th, by a driver who was trying to do a U-turn to avoid a police roadblock near Damansara Perdana. I understand that the police have found the vehicle abandoned, and I assume, will be making an arrest soon.

I managed to get some details from Jack’s housemate, Ashley, about how Jack’s accident happened. According to Ashley, Jack’s car broke down near the Petronas station in Taman Tun. Ashley had cycled to help Jack, but on the way, was mugged in Bandar Utama, robbed of his cellphone and wallet, and narrowly escaped with his life. When he finally got to where Jack was, he was angry about the whole thing and told Jack to take his bike home while he took a cab back.

Ashley eventually managed to get a cab and, while in the cab, had actually passed Jack pushing the bike on the road. Ashley was waiting for Jack at a mamak when he saw the police and went out to see what the fuss was and that’s when he saw Jack on the road. Jack had been crossing the road when a car, noticing a police roadblock, attempted to do a U-turn and hit him in the process.

All these events happened between 12am-1.30am the morning of September 24th and if any one of them hadn’t happened or if they had happened in a different sequence, Jack might still be alive today. You will be sorely missed Jack.

More blogs friends share their feelings:

If you want to convey your condolences to the family, email Rafil.

The following is a video of 360º Head Rotation at one of their last shows, the World Press Freedom Day Gig @ CM. Jack’s using his “Jack” Signature Series Strat. I can’t recall the title of the song at the moment. Help?



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