Ricecooker Donation Drive TODAY!

rice cooking

Via sms alert from Joe. More info on ricecooker.

22nd Jan. Update!

From Erna via email.

Dear Supporters,

We are back in town. We will be updating you with reports within this week as all of us have had a hectic week and still running. We apologise in advance for delay with reports.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped, believed and supported us, thank you for having faith – -regardless of whether you knew us or not. Our help has done wonders to alot of homes down south.

So keep on a look out for our report in this week.

Lots of love,
from all of us.

PS: As we have mention there will be a second round of donations. Please pause a minute, keep that thought, as we plan out the next round base on our research from the first trip down to Johor.

18th Jan. Update!

Looks like things are going well.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR AMAZING CONTRIBUTIONS! IT’S LOOKING LIKE WE HAVE A RUNAWAY SUCCESS!! This will be an on-going report on what’s happening with the Inflatable Ricecooker Shopkeepers Union’s Johor Flood Relief effort. There will be updates as it goes and full itemised list put up here by Friday evening.

There is still time to send in your donations!

To those who missed last night’s collection, between now and Friday 19th our main collection point is at Lee Kah Yeow Villa, 14A Bukit Ceylon, off Cangkat Raja Chulan (near Jalan Alor). We would prefer to receive items as soon as possible to sort and pack everything correctly. email us when you wanna come around and give us the items.

The full report is on ricecooker.

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