TMnet throttles P2P

Apparently TMnet is throttling P2P traffic. I’ve never used any Torrent network till quite recently, so I have no idea how fast it was before. I have noticed problems with my, *ahem*, MP3 downloads on Ares though, and a lot of buzz among my friends about how slow Torrent-ing has gotten recently. Zaim clued me in and I spent a few minutes browsing various blogs looking for more info. Zonelance has lots of background info. He suggests contacting the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia and lodging a complaint on the basis that TMnet has violated the “Internet Access Service Provider (IASP) Sub-Code for the Communications and Multimedia Industry Malaysia”.

From part 2.

3.5 Any changes in policies developed by the Service Providers should be communicated to the Consumers as soon as practicable.

Service Providers will provide services and products in a responsible manner, ensuring that the services that they provide to their Customers meet the service levels as contractually agreed between the Service Providers and the Customers.

4.2 Service Providers shall endeavour to provide consistent and reliable access to the services.

4.3 Service Providers shall give adequate notice to their Customers of any planned interruptions of service.

Service Providers shall not discriminate unduly between persons or classes of persons in the provision of their services or any related matters and shall provide equal access to all Customers.

Zonelance sums it up brilliantly;

TMNutz Says: “here’s your piece of cake.. as always. We know you paid monthly for a large piece but now we have to slice it smaller coz there are many other customer out there who want it too. Oh by the way.. the cost is still the same as always though…. hey if you don’t like it just go away to another shop, but you know what? Surprise!! we are the only shop that sell cake in this country nya nya ~ nya nya nya…~ ”

However the links provided ( and are not working. Ironically, it appears that CFM‘s website is down, or hacked. Screen shots below. Haha. Says a lot about how we view service.

tmnut 1

Viewed in Firefox2. Note the URL on the page. Defacement? Wouldn’t be the first time a Malaysian site has been defaced.

tmnut 2

Viewed in Internet Explorer 6. Now you can see the directory tree. WOW!

tmnut 3

Screen capture courtesy of saviourv. Thanks for the heads up about the directory tree.

More background info on Because 13 Is Lucky and Sotplug. By the way, what is a packet shaper and how do you shape traffic?

  1. I discovered this blog when I was using the PR Backlink Generator to locate MP3 Blogs with ranking of PR3 and above.

    I’m not sure about the efficiency of TMnet.

  2. Hi Ainuddin. You do realize the the PR Backlink Generator is a spam tool?

  3. coooooooooool

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