Toll Hike Protests: IOI Mall

Via email.

These people were just saying what all of us feel. Whatever their political affiliations, all of us feel the pinch of the rising cost of living. What more when our questions with the standard reply which involves the words “national security” being thrown around. Whose nation? Whose security? The highway companies are mostly Bumiputra (hence Malay if you’re Peninsular Malaysian) and probably some fat cat Datuks and Tan Sris are living large off the Rakyat, skimming off deals made between the sheets and under the tables, between these Highway concessionaires and the Government. In the words of a contractor friend, “Itu BQ tulis 10 guni simen, guna 6 guni, 4 guni masuk poket.”

How much money do you need fuckers? How much can you take?

So is that why Datuk Samy is keeping quiet? Because it was all swept under the table? Because if the Rakyat found out who is really making the money, things would get shot to hell? So much of our cost of living is inflated because too many people want their cut without having to do any work. And who is a position to enjoy such benefits? Some Bumiputras a.k.a. Malay (if you’re Peninsular Malaysian). So fuck UMNO and their racist propaganda and fuck the BN component parties for not speaking up when UMNO tramples all over them and they take it like bitches. I am shit tired of being classified as a race. I am Malaysian, dammit! For those curious to know, ethnically I am Malay. I can almost hear the kacang lupakan kulit comments from here.

Some friends told me about something they saw at a NAO gig, it said something like “Just because I hate my government how the current administration does its job, doesn’t mean I don’t love my country.” Sums up exactly how I feel right now. Is our culture so tolerant of corruption that no one does anything just because it’s their job? Or does doing their job bring them no satisfaction? Last weekend I was at Section 14 PJ when MBPJ officials were doing an operasi, issuing summons for double parking and other parking offences. I observed them for a few minutes and they conspicuously avoided issuing a summons to a vehicle with the words “Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak” on its number plate who was very obviously double parked in front of TGIF. Just issue the fucking summons for fuck’s sake! If he can take care of it through the back door, fine, but do your fucking jobs, without fear or favour! Then again, most of us have heard about someone or other being berated by a Datuk/Tan Sri/Judge/Lawyer/Random Asshole just for doing his or her job. So in the end its the poor sods and the working joes in the streets who get shafted and the rich and well to do are just that, rich and well to do.

Turned out into quite a rant eh? Anyway, I understand the protest happened Feb 12th. Enjoy. Click the thumbnails for larger images. Mind the cluttered look, quite busy at the moment. I will clean it up later.

    • Sunny
    • February 27th, 2007

    That’s why I migrated. I love Oz – it is everything I wanted Malaysia to be. I am glad I did not waste time. Contact a migration agent (try Australian Migration Planners – they have a representative in KL/PJ) or else send me a brief email about yourself at: “” for a free assessment if you are under 45, speak English and have skills (e.g trade, profession) or a graduate. No English needed if you have plenty (and I mean plenty) of money to be deposited for a couple of years under your name with an Aussie bank. But don’t borrow from Ah Long because the Aussie Govt will ask you where you got it from. It does not matter if you a Chinese, Indian or other Malaysian. Don’t waste any more time.

  1. Spam? I’ll let it slide for now. Personally, I don’t think that running away is the solution. I have thought about it many times though.

  2. Yeah running away ain’t gonna solve anything.

    only my 2 cent.

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