MUSE Rocked!

OK OK. I went, even though I’m not that big a fan, and The Girl wanted to go, so I went. But think about it, who else is going to come to Malaysia (apparently N.O.F.X. and maybe Incubus – more t.b.a.) We got there around 7pm and almost everyone was dressed in black. I could almost imagine them Harian Metro headlines.

I met and was seen by a few friends, which was nice, with a few guys even calling me a pimp (I was there with 5 chicks, a first for me hehe), which was cool. The Girl and I got to our seats (the rest had tickets for The Pitt & Rock Zone) around 730pm and waited. The crowd was still pretty sedate. I could see how effective the “barrier” (the stupid red and white plastic tape) separating The Pitt ($233) from The Rock Zone ($113) was going to be, even when the kids were still sitting on the floor.

When the first tech appeared on stage around 8, the crowd went crazy. Heh. Another tech and more cheers. Wow. I wonder how the kids would react once the band went on.

An hour went by with the crowd cheering every time a tech went on the stage. At 9pm MUSE went up on stage, (The Girl couldn’t believe that Matt was in red) and I can only say this…


I loved their energy on stage. They really looked like they enjoyed themselves on stage, barring the fact that some idiot threw an empty water bottle at Matt during their opening song. The sound was good, clear, levels were alright and the lights were great. Anyone know who did their sound and light?

The Girl was probably curious why I wasn’t physically expressing my enjoyment. Guess I was too busy taking it all in, and having The Girl swaying with her eyes closed next to me was pretty distracting as well. I’ll do a more coherent write up once I’ve collected my thoughts.

muse rocking out!

Image courtesy of The Girl. Banning cameras is impossible eh?

Also, check out how much people paid for the tickets! I had a friend who paid $450 on Lelong for a $233 ticket. And after lights out, people from the cheap seats broke through the barrier and rushed to the front. I bet some people got pissed. I know at least 1 person passed out from the crush. And don’t forget to check out the concert reviews on the official MUSE site.

    • Ny Mahai
    • March 2nd, 2007

    Now you’ve discovered you like Muse, I guess you’ll start fucking men.

  1. err.. thanks, but i think i’ll stick to women for now. thanks for the offer though.

    • Beth
    • March 2nd, 2007

    Ny Mahai, you’re a real dickhead aren’t you?
    The only person who needs a fuck here is YOU.
    Go fuck your mother. Fuck a dog. Fuck an ant for all I care. Fucken bastard.

    • Ny Mahai
    • March 4th, 2007

    I think I’d need to listen to some Muse first, before I make mom/Spot ride my hot salami pole.

  2. hmmm.. i didn’t go to Muse. I heard it was awesome. Lookin forward to othe concerts. Singapore! Here I come!!

    S.O.D is coming (tbc), Black Sabbath. :)))

  3. System of a down? Back together? And Sabbath eh? Your talking about in Singapore? I heard Opeth is coming to SG too.

    • Ny Mahai
    • March 7th, 2007

    Sabbath…now THAT’S music for Heteros!

    • jack
    • November 26th, 2007


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