Cross-Causeway Poetry Slam™

“Readings” and Word Forward (Singapore) proudly present

The First Cross-Causeway Poetry Slam™


K. L. Poets:

Tshiung Han See
Jasmine Low
Fynn Jamal
Sheena Baharudin
Dato Shanmugalingam
Peter Brown
Sharanya Manivannan

Singapore Poets:

Chris Mooney-Singh
Marc Nair
Pooja Nansi
Bani Haykkal

Poetry Slam™ is the competitive art of writing and performing poetry.

Rules: contestants should bring 3 original poems written by the presenter. Each up to 3 minutes in length. No props, costumes or musical instruments are used during the slam.

“The Points are not the point, the point is Poetry”

– Alan Wolf

Date & Time: 3.30 p.m. Saturday 31st march 2007
Place: Seksan’s, 67, Jalan Tempinis 1, Lucky Garden Bangsar.

“Readings” is the love-child of Bernice Chauly, fostered at present by Sharon Bakar and made possible with the generous sponsorship of Seksan and La Bodega.

Map | Wordforward

  1. many thanks for posting this!!

  2. your welcome.

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