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Hi Jimi, I’m Jack

Kumares (Jack) Nathan, 360° Head Rotation co-founder, musical collaborator, and my very dear friend of almost 15 years is dead. He was cremated with his beloved “Frankenstein” custom “Jack Series” guitar on Monday 25 September 2006 around 4pm. Tomorrow, Saturday 26 September 2006 his ashes shall be taken to his favorite spot, a friend’s farm/dusun near Rasa Town/Kuala Kubu Bahru, and released in a stream running across the property. A tribute gig shall be held once we manage to shake this fog and extreme grief that’s clouding our heads.

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Jack Nathan Is Dead

I just received a text message from Rafil of 360º Head Rotation (who is currently in the UK and trying to get home) that his guitarist, Jack Nathan, passed away last night in an accident. My condolences to Jack’s family. The funeral is tomorrow, Sept 25th, at the Kg. Tunku Crematorium, 4pm. More information as I get it.

jack in action

image courtesy of MyAsylum

Jack Nathan, lead guitarist for 360 Degree Head Rotation and a close friend of over 15 years, was killed last night in a hit and run accident. Jack would have been 41 years old on 6 Oct 2006.

Funeral is tomorrow, Monday 25 October 2006 at Kampung Tunku Crematorium. I assume there’ll be services today and tomorrow at his sister’s house: No 6 Jalan SS3/32 – Kelana Jaya

Rafil’s post on Jamtank

It should read as September, not October.

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All Your Goats Is Belong To Us


The videos can also be dowloaded here on if the zoomshare account has exceeded its daily quota.


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Ok, Give Up Your Goats Or We Are Coming In

Update! 6:00pm

Walski has updates on the press conference here.

Update! 7:35am

The press conference is at 1pm. Please drop by to show your support. Leave your goats at home.

This is Harian Metro’s take on the incident (loathe as I am to post this link I’ve removed the direct link to Harian Metro, no more traffic for you). The Star has a less sensationalised article here. This fucking reeks of a conspiracy. I have been made to understand that there will be a press conference tomorrow at Paul’s Place at 1pm. I will update as soon as I have more information. Please remember that the following incident occurred outside, in the car park, not inside any premises.

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Goatgate Revisited

From Rafil

On 31st December last year at about 10.30 pm, the police raided Paul’s Place, a small music venue for the independent music community and arrested over 300 people who had come to attend a hardcore gig including David Wong, an employee who was helping out that night, and subsequently charged as the owner with four offences.

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Ben’s Bitches Album Preview I

From Rafil

Greetings and salutations earthlings!

We at Disarseter Records are not soccer fans. Hence, this post has nothing to do with the Soccer Super Bowl going on in Germany. For those of you who are soccer fans, please feel free to enjoy it.

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