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Indian Thriller Reloaded

Remember this classic? Now, relive the excitement, with subtitled lyrics!


According to buffalax, the subtitles are based on how the lyrics sound in English.


What What?

Word’s fail me.


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Floods in Johor

Update! Dec 22nd – 7.00pm

NST has the story. Our prayers go out to the victims and their families. Some pictures can be found on Malaysia Uncut.

Update! Dec 22nd – 6.30pm

I have just been informed that last night the dam in Segamat burst Pahang “overloaded”, forcing mass evacuations in Segamat. I have unconfirmed reports of deaths in Kampung Jawa, a few people trapped in cars trying to get away and of a baby dying after 2 days spent on a roof waiting for evacuation. The baby’s mother survived. Will update as soon as I get more information. So far none of the mainstream media have reported any deaths but I have found one site which mentions 6 deaths. Please remember these are unconfirmed reports as far as the officials sources are concerned. I just found this out through a friend whose girlfriend is in Segamat and who is currently holed up in one of the shelters there (either Sekolah Agama Kg. Jawa or Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg. Jawa.)

On Thursday an army rescue team found the dead bodies of a man and woman whose car had been swept away by currents. Three other bodies were recovered in Johor, the New Straits Times newspaper reported.

Situation Update No. 7

Widespread floods in southern Malaysia this week have killed at least six people and displaced 60,000, officials said Friday, amid warnings of storms and tidal surges elsewhere in the country.

Situation Update No. 6

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Remembering Dimebag: 1966-2004

This song, “In This River” by Black Label Society says it all.


..but in case it doesn’t…

On December 8, 2004, while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed onstage by Nathan Gale. Abbott was shot a total of four times, twice at point blank range in the head. He was 38 years old.

Three others were killed in the shooting: concert attendee Nathan Bray, 23, of Columbus; club employee Erin Halk, 29, of northwest Columbus; and Damageplan security guard Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson, 40, of Texas. The band’s drum technician, John “Kat” Brooks, and tour manager, Chris Paluska, were injured.

More : Dimebag on Wikipedia | Pantera | Damageplan | Tributes on Wikipedia

Indian Thriller


Ha Ha!

The Cream Of The Slop?


Can someone please explain to me why this happened?

Jack Nathan Is Dead

I just received a text message from Rafil of 360º Head Rotation (who is currently in the UK and trying to get home) that his guitarist, Jack Nathan, passed away last night in an accident. My condolences to Jack’s family. The funeral is tomorrow, Sept 25th, at the Kg. Tunku Crematorium, 4pm. More information as I get it.

jack in action

image courtesy of MyAsylum

Jack Nathan, lead guitarist for 360 Degree Head Rotation and a close friend of over 15 years, was killed last night in a hit and run accident. Jack would have been 41 years old on 6 Oct 2006.

Funeral is tomorrow, Monday 25 October 2006 at Kampung Tunku Crematorium. I assume there’ll be services today and tomorrow at his sister’s house: No 6 Jalan SS3/32 – Kelana Jaya

Rafil’s post on Jamtank

It should read as September, not October.

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