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10 Steps That Close An Open Society

[Edit – Added 1 more notable link. Thanks for the pingback Walski]

The events of the past few weeks have prompted me to put this out since I believe this information is important in influencing our reaction(s) towards provocation.

Invoke an internal and external threat
– People who are afraid are willing to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Establish secret (unaccountable) prisons where torture takes place
– In a secret system, the government does not have to provide any proof of wrongdoing by those it holds, so it can incarcerate anyone it wants.

Develop a paramilitary force
– A private military force — under the exclusive direction of the “commander in chief” with no accountability to Congress, the courts, or the public — blurs the line between a civilian police force and a militarized police state.
[Edit – This is part that scares me the most.]

Surveil ordinary citizens
– People who believe they are being watched are less likely to voice opposition. To scare a population into silence, the government need only monitor the activities of a few to make everyone fear that they are being surveilled. Every closed society keeps a “list” of so-called opponents it tracks.

Infiltrate citizen’s groups
– Spies in activist groups put psychological pressure on genuine activists by undermining their trust in one another. They may also disrupt legal activities, undermining the effectiveness of group efforts.

Detain and release ordinary citizens
– Detention intimidates or psychologically damages those arrested and also lets everyone know that anyone could be labeled an “enemy combatant” and “disappeared.”

Target key individuals
– People are less likely to speak out when those who are highly visible, like journalists, scholars, artists, or celebrities, are intimidated or have the livelihoods threatened. Targeting those who are especially visible makes it less likely that people will speak out and robs society of leaders and others who might inspire opposition.

Restrict the press
– The public is less likely to find out about government wrongdoing if the government can threaten to prosecute anyone who publishes or broadcasts reports that are critical of the government.

Recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason
– People who protest can be charged with terrorism or treason when laws criminalize or limit free speech rather than protect it.

Subvert the rule of law
– The disappearance of checks and balances makes it easier to declare martial law, especially if the judiciary branch continues to exercise authority over individuals but has no authority over the Executive branch.

Now, these 10 points are from Naomi Wolf’s book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, which is spawned a documentary with the same name. I’ve not changed the text above to fit the Malaysian context, but does ANY of this sound familiar to you?

It should be noted that the steps detailed in the book, undertaken by Bush-era America, themselves mirrored the steps taken by Nazi-era Germany in the years before WWII.

Believe me when I say that the screws are being turned slowly, day by day. There will be more and more provocation, designed to elicit a specific response. We must not play their game.

Notable links below:
The End Of America Movie
The Huffington Post – Noami Wolf expands on the 10 steps

The documentary is available on *cough-cough* certain file sharing sites, or you can buy it online, or you can ‘borrow’ my copy.


Tool in Oz


1 min 2 secs. Over the phone. Faiz called me and let me listen to Tool playing in Melbourne. They were playing 46 & 2. Fucking A!

The sound was so good, even through the phone, even across thousands of miles. It was almost a religious experience. Maynard’s screaming “I choose to live and to lie, kill and give and to die, learn and love and to do, what it takes to step through.” and then Adam Jones.. I’m speechless.

Damn you Faiz! Damn you Alif! Tool! Tonight! Damn it all! Argh. A review and some pictures (hopefully) to follow.

Info on the current Tool tour here and on toolshed.

The Cream Of The Slop?


Can someone please explain to me why this happened?

Kill Emo.

emo kid 1

If you look like this, watch out, because you have ruined my day.

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All Your Goats Is Belong To Us


The videos can also be dowloaded here on if the zoomshare account has exceeded its daily quota.


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Ok, Give Up Your Goats Or We Are Coming In

Update! 6:00pm

Walski has updates on the press conference here.

Update! 7:35am

The press conference is at 1pm. Please drop by to show your support. Leave your goats at home.

This is Harian Metro’s take on the incident (loathe as I am to post this link I’ve removed the direct link to Harian Metro, no more traffic for you). The Star has a less sensationalised article here. This fucking reeks of a conspiracy. I have been made to understand that there will be a press conference tomorrow at Paul’s Place at 1pm. I will update as soon as I have more information. Please remember that the following incident occurred outside, in the car park, not inside any premises.

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Brand New Malaysian Calls It Quits?

Brand New Malaysian is one of the few blogs I read that made sense to me. Mack Zulkifli has a way of writing that is eloquent, yet down to earth, making it easy for me to understand the fundamentals of socio-political issues that intrude into my life. He makes it easy for me to form my own opinions by digging deep through the bullshit that clutters our daily mainstream media. He points out stuff that make the conspiracy theorist in me drool.

Whenever an issue crops up, the first stop I make when I fire up Firefox, is Brand New Malaysian. And now he is giving up. You will be missed Mack.

Some may share you’re opinion that Jeff Ooi went too far. I am inclined to think likewise. To each his/her own (opinions).