KL Jam Asia: Piano Forte

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The Bands :
Nuk | RAV | Slunk | Melodica | Marionexxes

The Venue :
KL Jam Asia @ No.19-1, Jln 22A / 70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL (sandwiched right behind, on the row in between True Fitness Sri Hartamas & Maybank Hartamas) | kljamasia.com


Cross-Causeway Poetry Slam™

“Readings” and Word Forward (Singapore) proudly present

The First Cross-Causeway Poetry Slam™


K. L. Poets:

Tshiung Han See
Jasmine Low
Fynn Jamal
Sheena Baharudin
Dato Shanmugalingam
Peter Brown
Sharanya Manivannan

Singapore Poets:

Chris Mooney-Singh
Marc Nair
Pooja Nansi
Bani Haykkal

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Indian Thriller Reloaded

Remember this classic? Now, relive the excitement, with subtitled lyrics!


According to buffalax, the subtitles are based on how the lyrics sound in English.

Wes Borland In Malaysia

Just a quick post.

Wes Borland is in Malaysia as one of the judges for Asian Beat. He will also be conducting 2 guitar clinics, the first one today (10th March) at 7.30pm at Sunway Lagoon, the second one tomorrow (11th March) from 3.00-4.30pm at Bintang Royale Damansara, next to The Curve. Tickets for the clinic are $30 each and will be available at Yamaha Music till this Sunday.

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What What?

Word’s fail me.


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MUSE Rocked!

OK OK. I went, even though I’m not that big a fan, and The Girl wanted to go, so I went. But think about it, who else is going to come to Malaysia (apparently N.O.F.X. and maybe Incubus – more t.b.a.) We got there around 7pm and almost everyone was dressed in black. I could almost imagine them Harian Metro headlines.

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Toll Hike Protests: IOI Mall

Via email.

These people were just saying what all of us feel. Whatever their political affiliations, all of us feel the pinch of the rising cost of living. What more when our questions with the standard reply which involves the words “national security” being thrown around. Whose nation? Whose security? The highway companies are mostly Bumiputra (hence Malay if you’re Peninsular Malaysian) and probably some fat cat Datuks and Tan Sris are living large off the Rakyat, skimming off deals made between the sheets and under the tables, between these Highway concessionaires and the Government. In the words of a contractor friend, “Itu BQ tulis 10 guni simen, guna 6 guni, 4 guni masuk poket.”

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