Tool in Oz


1 min 2 secs. Over the phone. Faiz called me and let me listen to Tool playing in Melbourne. They were playing 46 & 2. Fucking A!

The sound was so good, even through the phone, even across thousands of miles. It was almost a religious experience. Maynard’s screaming “I choose to live and to lie, kill and give and to die, learn and love and to do, what it takes to step through.” and then Adam Jones.. I’m speechless.

Damn you Faiz! Damn you Alif! Tool! Tonight! Damn it all! Argh. A review and some pictures (hopefully) to follow.

Info on the current Tool tour here and on toolshed.


TMnet throttles P2P

Apparently TMnet is throttling P2P traffic. I’ve never used any Torrent network till quite recently, so I have no idea how fast it was before. I have noticed problems with my, *ahem*, MP3 downloads on Ares though, and a lot of buzz among my friends about how slow Torrent-ing has gotten recently. Zaim clued me in and I spent a few minutes browsing various blogs looking for more info. Zonelance has lots of background info. He suggests contacting the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia and lodging a complaint on the basis that TMnet has violated the “Internet Access Service Provider (IASP) Sub-Code for the Communications and Multimedia Industry Malaysia”.

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Bloggers United Official Statement

I don’t consider myself a part of the “blogosphere” (cliques form in real life and cyberspace no?) but I will stand up for a man’s right to responsible free speech. On that basis I’m posting the following statement and displaying the badge on the right.

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Ricecooker Donation Drive TODAY!

rice cooking

Via sms alert from Joe. More info on ricecooker.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

aidiladha greets

Thanks to rufi0 for pointing out my mistake.

James Brown Is Dead

Image credit : The Memphis Flyer

“I’m going away tonight.” –
James Joseph Brown, Jr.
(May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006)

Tributes : Funky16Corners

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year